What is Laser Powder Bed Fusion?

by | April 22, 2021

Our technology is fueled by laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF), the most common type of metal Additive Manufacturing.

What separates L-PBF from other forms of manufacturing such as casting, brazing, or welding, is that it enables parts to be integrated from the ground up. The process takes a computer-generated file and creates two-dimensional “slices” of a three-dimensional object that contain the laser directions. Then, a sophisticated printer uses high-power lasers to draw each two-dimensional design layer by layer. Once done, you have a compiled, fully dense metal part. These designs can be highly complex, limited only by the designer’s imagination.

This Session Covers:

  • What are supports and why do some printing methods need them
  • How Velo3D is able to print SupportFreeTM
  • Prototype manufacturing versus manufacturing for production
  • Unique applications for laser powder bed fusion
  • Advice for those exploring metal AM for the first time
  • A whole lot more!